The Department of Physics came into existence when University of  Medicine, Taunggyi became established in October 3, 2015.   The department is situated in the right wing on the third floor of main building. The first Head of Physics Department is Daw Me Me Cho, Lecturer.  The Department of  Physics was composed of  one Lecturer/Head of the Department, one Lecturer , three Assistant Lecturers  and  five newly appointed demonstrators  in  2015.  The department of physics offers theory and practical courses to the first M.B.,B.S students.

Department Of Physics (Former Heads)

Name : Daw Me Me Cho
Rank : Lecturer / Head
Degree : B.Sc (Hons:), M.Sc (Physics )
Phone : 09-5089191, 09-762825258
E-mail address : memecho92@gmail.com

Department Of Physics (Academic Staffs)

Name : Daw Than Than Aye
Rank : Lecturer
Degree : B.Sc (Hons:), M.Sc (Physics)
Phone : 09-262329139
E-mail address : thanthanayejuly70@gmail.com

Name : Daw Myo Ma Ma Mon
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
Degree : B.Sc(Hons:), M.Sc, M.Res, Ph.D (Physics)
Phone : 09-5022858
E-mail address : myoma4774@gmail.com

Name : Daw Su Yee Hlaing
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
Degree : B.Sc, M.Sc (Engineering Physics)
Phone : 09-799681352
E-mail address : suyeehlaing74@gmail.com

Name : Daw Khaing Po Po
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
Degree : B.Sc(Hons:), M.Sc, M.Res, Ph.D (Physics)
Phone : 09-799622561
E-mail address : dawkhaingpopo@gmail.com

Name : Daw Chan Myae Wai Oo
Rank : Demonstrator
Degree : B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Res (Physics)
Phone : 09-422456979
E-mail address : chanmyaewaiooviolet@gmail.com

Name : Daw Nyein Nyein Ei
Rank : Demonstrator
Degree : B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Res(Physics)
Phone : 09-785487022
E-mail address : nyeinnyeinei708@gmail.com

Name : Daw Wut Yi Nway
Rank : Demonstrator
Degree : B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Res(Physics)
Phone : 09-428155958
E-mail address : watyinway17@gmail.com

Name : Daw Nway Nway Ei
Rank : Demonstrator
Degree : B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Res (Physics)
Phone : 09-254476096
E-mail address : nwaenwaeeinne@gmail.com

Name : Daw Thandar Win
Rank : Demonstrator
Degree : B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Res(Physics)
Phone : 09-5380512
E-mail address : thandar22989@gmail.com

Name : U Khin Mg Htay
Rank : Lab Technician – 3
Degree : Grade 10
Phone :
E-mail address :

2015-2016 Academic Year

2016-2017 Academic Year

2017-2018 Academic Year


  1. Mechanics


1.1.      Body mechanics


1.1.1      Concept of forces and  Its medical applications. Newton’s Law, Force of gravity and                           frictional force

1.1.2      Equilibrium and  Torques and its  medical applications


1.1.3      Circular motion  blood flow in curved  and its medical  applications


1.1.4      Efficient use of a body  as a machine Principle of simple machines,

Application of levers to movement of human body and used in hospital machines

Equilibrium and Torques, Clinical  Application of Gravity, Friction, Circular Motion,           Clinical  Applications of Circular Motion.Elasticity, Hysteresis loop.



1.2      Fluid Mechanics


1.2.1      The study of fluids at rest Clinical application of Archimedes’ Principle , Pascal’ law ,

Surface tension , Laplace’s law


1.2.2      The study of fluids in motion Bernoulli’s principle and its effect for blood flow ,

blood  speed during  circulation Poiseuille’s Law and its applications

The venturi tube, flow through an orifice


  1. Heat Energy Of The Body


2.1.         Heat energy balance of  human body and thermometer heat gain and heat lose,

Types of thermometer, Energy value of food


2.2.         Change of phase,  Applications of heat rays,  Hypothermia,

Evaporation of  perspiration


2.3.         Heat transfer,   Heat therapy


  1. Sound


3.1.         Properties and  characteristics of sound,  Physiology of vocal system


3.2.         Sound intensity and  intensity level in dB, Human Audiogram,

Inference and Beats,  Hearing Aids


3.3.         Doppler effect,   Medical application of  Doppler effect with ultrasonic sound



  1. Optical System of the Body


4.1.         The physics of  vision and   medical  applications of  optical instrument Postnasal

laryngeal  mirror, head mirror,  Large silver globe,  ophthalmoscope,

Flexible light  guide ( fibre optics )


4.2 .        Lens maker’s  formula


4.3.         Optical aberration of lens  Image formation  by the eye,

Visual defects and  corrections


  1. Electrical System Of The Body


5.1.         Static electricity in a  hospital  and antistatic  precautions,  Effect of current in

Human Body,  Microshock hazard ,  Ventricular fibrillation  and Defibrillator


5.2.         Living cell as an electric source,  Membrane potential and  action potential

Bioelectric measurement  (ECG,  EEG)


5.3.         Electromagnetism, Bioelectromagnetism,  Electromyography , Mammography,

Electrocautery,  Electrosurgery


  1. 6. Atomic and Nuclear Physics


6.1.         Atomic physics , Ways of getting electrons  out of  metal  X  rays,  its medical

applications,  Danger of X-rays and  their  preventions

Medical imaging with CT ,  PET and NMR scans.


6.2.         Radioactivity,   Radioactive Decay Law,    Half – Life

Effect of ionizing ,  radiation on biological  material


6.3          Measurement of   radiation  exposure,  Radiation therapy,

Laser and its application

Departmental Objectives

               At the end of the course of instruction, the student should be able to :


  1.   understand the basic concepts and fundamental principle on physics.
  2.   understand and verify physical laws which will be applicable in their

medical career.


apply the physical principles to the use of common modern medical



  1.   Appreciate the applied aspects of medically orientated physics.
  2.   Acquire essential habits of applying scientific methods in approaching/

solving problems.

  1.   be aware of the hazards encountered in the context of this environment

in relation to Pressure, Vibration, Heat, Sound, Light , Electricity and