University of Medicine, Taunggyi was inaugurated by former  president U Thein Sein on  Oct 3, 2015 . The English Department was simultaneously established with University of Medicine, Taunggyi in 2015. It was composed of  Lecturer / Head ,1 Lecturer,  3 Assistant Lecturers and 3 newly appointed tutors in 2015. In 2017, a newly appointed tutor was offered to this Department as its needfulness. Now, the  Lecturer  and Head, together with 1 Lecturer, 3 assistant Lecturers and  tutors  in  full strength  formed  a more dynamic group to run a more effective English course of all four skills as well as academic skills for premedical students.

Department Of English (Former Heads)

Former Head

Daw Nang Kham Set B.A (English), Diploma in English Language Teaching, M.A (English) is the First and Foremost  Head of the Department. She has started her role at  UMTGi since October, 2015 up to now.

Daw Nan Kham Set

Name : Daw Nang Kham Set
Rank : Lecturer / Head
Degree : B.A (English), Dip in ELT, M.A (English)
Phone : 09-401659229
E-mail address : nankham.set@gmail.com

Department Of English (Academic Staffs)


Name : Daw Kyi Kyi Soe
Rank : Lecturer
Degree : B.A (Q), M.A (English)
Phone : 09-  5179790,09965179790
E-mail address :  kyikyisoe2012@gmail.com


Name : Daw Khine Lae Win
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
Degree : B.A (Hons;), M.A(English)
Phone : 09-402596505
E-mail address :  khinelaewin2001@gamil.com


Name : Daw Su Mon Aung
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
Degree : B.A (Hons;), M.A (English)
Phone : 09-2035083, 09-970753533
E-mail address :  sumonpinma@gmail.com


Name : U Aung Zaw Lin
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
Degree : B.A(Eng)(Hons;),M.A(English)
Phone : 09-403715882,09-796733427
E-mail address :  azlin2711@gmail.com


Name : Daw Khin Nandar Htwe
Rank : Tutor
Degree : B.A(Eng)(Hons;),M.A(English)
Phone : 09- 259011263
E-mail address :  waimeemee55@gmail.com


Name : Daw Seine Moh Moh
Rank : Tutor
Degree : M.A (English)
Phone : (09)402711576
E-mail address : mohmohmyinttun@gmail.com


Name : Daw Wint Thiri Aung
Rank : Tutor
Degree : B.A(Hons;), M.A(English)
Phone : 09-  400303569
E-mail address : wintthiriaung91@gmail.com

Name : Daw Khin Myat Noe
Rank : Tutor
Degree : B.A(Hons:), Dip ELT, M.A(English)
Phone : 09-  798975612
E-mail address : myatnoenoemnn8@gmail.com

2015-2016 Academic Year



At the end of the course the students should be able to

  • Utilize active reading strategies to increase comprehension in reading various texts
  • Demonstrate the ability to pronounce words with a degree of accuracy sufficient for intelligibility in an international context applying appropriate stress and intonation patterns
  • Write concisely, concretely, and accurately and communicatively to organize ideas
  • Recognize the conventions of scientific writing styles and present scientific information in appropriate language
  • Apply medical related vocabulary and terminology in contexts
  • Achieve fluency and accuracy in speaking for academic and general purposes
  • Use grammatical structures appropriately and accurately in writing tasks


Departmental Objectives

At the end of the course the students will have



  • acquired knowledge and usage of grammatical structure and relevant English language functions for communication.
  • acquired basic understanding of health through reading literature, writing and speaking.



  • acquired skills in using English correctly by reading and doing a variety of exercises.
  • acquired acceptable proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • gained ability of organization facts, figures and ideas and presenting logically and coherently.



  • become self-reliant learner through programmed learning (self-learning packages).
  • achieved enough proficiency in participating actively in workshops, discussions, seminars and conferences conducted in English.
  • acquired a sense of responsibility towards the health problems of the community as well as social problems related to health.







Under graduate Course  –        1st M.B.,B.S Course

Period of study              –        ten months

Total teaching hour        –        (180) hours

Method of teaching        –        Lecture

–         tutorial

–         Assignment

–       Discussion

–        Small group  teaching

–        Team – based learning


A total of 180 teaching hours is allocated as follow:



Teaching hours                               162    hours

  1. Reading   40    hours
  2. Listening   22    hours
  3. Speaking   24    hours
  4. Grammar and syntax   33    hours
  5. Vocabulary development    8     hours
  6. Writing 35     hours


Tutorial                                           12     hours

 Tests                                                   6     hours

 Revision                                           10     hours

 Total                                                         180    hours






  1. Course Book Gateway B2 by David Spencer, MACMILLAN


  1. Cloze types from articles, text, journals and magazines
  2. Vocabulary development
  • Medical vocabulary,medical terminology, abbreviation and phrasal verbs,

descriptive Language of systems  review (Manual of English for the overseas  doctor)


  1. Various sources for writing practice
  • referrals, case history, essays , e mail


  1. The use of certain grammatical items
  • (articles, quantitative, conditionals, tenses, prepositions, stylistic transformation)
  • ( relative clauses, modals, do or make,)


  1. Listening materials
  • B2 , IELTS Super pack , TOEFL iBT  Super pack


  1. Speaking practice materials
  • Let’s talk 2 , B2


  1. Activities
  • Pair Work , Group Work , Role Play , Presentation , Debate,
  • Team-based learning
  1. Personal and professional Development
  • (Hippocratic Oath , Medical symbol, The risk of Cigarette smoke )
  • Let’s Enjoy the fruit of teamwork

( lecture  – recipe & procedure

activity –  students produce the Shan traditional dessert in groups)

Staff Development Activities

1.    Talks, discussions and micro teaching  are given to the junior teachers  by  senior  teachers on  academic topics  such as  English  for  specific  purposes  language  teaching methodology, language testing and evaluation, phonetics, how to teach reading skills and writing  skills etc. at 10 a.m  every Wednesday at the Department.

Departmental discussion (weekly)


1.Intensive refresher courses for teachers

Intensive  refresher  courses were provided by Christoper Blood from NELC Explore for teachers  at  university on schemes  of work, lesson plans and how to make   lessons more  interactive  and  interesting.

Refresher course given by Derek Spafford at University of Medicine, Mandalay