History of Department

University of medicine, Taunggyi (UMTGI) was opened at 3rd October 2015. In UMTGI, the department of chemistry was composed of 18 staffs. At present there are 12 staffs who are working together for the departmental works. Ministry of Health and Sports supplied the requirements such as reference books, chemicals and laboratory apparatus to our department according to academic year by year. At the beginning of departmental operation in 2015, the department of chemistry from other medical universities also supplied to our needed laboratory apparatus. Therefore our department operated its functions well without difficulties and hindrances according with academic year.

Department Of Chemistry (Former Heads)

Name : Daw Ohn Kyi
Rank : Lecturer / Head
Degree : M.Sc(Chemistry), Dip in English, Dip in Japanese, Ph.D (Candidate)
Phone : 09-5135119
E-mail address :

Department Of Chemistry (Academic Staffs)

Name : Daw Hla Hla Sann
Rank : Lecturer
Degree : B.Sc(Credit;),M.Sc(Chemistry)
Phone : 09-5343341, 09-790707607
E-mail address :

Name : Daw Yin Yin Myat
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
Degree : Ph.D (Chemistry)
Phone : 09-785194159
E-mail address :

Name : Daw Maw Maw Khin
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
Degree : M.Res (Chemistry)
Phone : 09-973943042
E-mail address :
Name : Daw Thazin New Soe
Rank : Assistant Lecturer
Degree : M.Res (Chemistry)
Phone : 09-43146661
E-mail address :

Name : Daw Aye Thi Ri Zaw
Rank : Demonstrator
Degree : M.Res (Chemistry)
Phone : 09-968597767
E-mail address :

Name : Daw Aye Moe Win
Rank : Demonstrator
Degree : M.Sc(Chem)
Phone : 09-30113404
E-mail address :

Name : Daw Nilar Myint
Rank : Demonstrator
Degree : M.Res(Chem)
Phone : 09-444758280
E-mail address :

Name : Daw Ei Thandar Ngone
Rank : Demonstrator
Degree : M.Res(Chem)
Phone : 09-262499659, 09-791108617
E-mail address :

Name : Daw Shwe Yin Myint
Rank : Lab Technician – 4
Degree : Grade – 10
Phone :
E-mail address :

Departmental Constitution (2015-2016)

2015-2016 Academic Year

Departmental Constitution (2016-2017)

2016-2017 Academic Year

Departmental Constitution (2017-2018)

2017-2018 Academic Year

Courses                  :           First M.B., B.S academic course

This course is an introductory to the preparatory for para-clinical and clinical studies. Thus, it includes the fundamental principles of chemistry with a view to its application in later years, and lays a foundation for the scientific approach in medical studies. The syllabus consists of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. The former touches on the atomic structure and chemical bonds, the gaseous state, solutions, chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, life’s essential elements, water and surface chemistry. Organic Chemistry deals with hydrocarbons, alcohol, alkyl halides, ethers, carbonyl compounds, monocarboxylic acids and derivatives of acids, amines, aromatic compounds, stereochemistry, carbohydrates, amino acid, proteins, and lipids.

Time Table


(i) doing the volumetric analysis of different solutions, group presentation, small group discussion and detection of functional group of different organic compounds

(ii) For teachers and staffs, the following factors are doing:

– teaching lecture and practical work

– preparing the practical work

– checking the practical record books

– calculating the attendance percentage and announcing to students

– taking part in guardian system

– keeping in the store

– examing in tests and exam

– doing for clean and clear of the department

(iii) For students, the following factors are doing:

– training the practical work

– promoting their critical thinking by discussion and presentations

– training to answer the brain storming questions of MCQ and MSQ

–  assessing the student’s subject knowledge by oral in practical work

– giving award for their success

– participating in discussions and co-operating in presentation

Activity photos

(2016-2017) academic year


Group presentation of 1st M.B., B.S students (12/2016)


Doing practical work and answering test of 1st M.B., B.S students (12/2016)

Giving award for outstanding students of 1st M.B., B.S students (12/2016)


(2017-2018) academic year

Group presentation of 1st M.B., B.S students (12/2017)

Doing small group discussion (pilot phase project) of 1st M.B., B.S students

Giving award for group presentation

Montly/ Future Programme

(i) doing the small group learning/ discussion of students to promote their critical thinking

(ii)  guiding the right idea to the students who study lessons or subject knowledge by theirselves and make decision rightly with any missing one

(iii) training to the teachers to promote their qualification